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Michael Jackson Tribute – Top Ten Michael Jackson Songs

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

We grew up in the 1980s, so nobody knows the impact Michael Jackson had on the world (music and otherwise) more than our generation. We remember everyone moonwalking (even Chevy Chase moonwalked in the comedy movie, European Vacation), and though Dominick was only 1 (almost 2) when Thriller was released (and as such, doesn’t remember what a big deal it was), Ashtyn (at a mere 4 years old) recalls the impact of the album, how her much older brother reacted to it (he was 13) and how much she loved the music of Michael Jackson.

Shocked and saddened by the loss of a pop icon, since Jackson passed away last Thursday (July 25, 2009), we wish not to reflect upon the troublesome times in Jackson’s life. Instead, we prefer to look at all of the contributions he made to pop, music in general, and his impact in the music world. We’ll be counting back to number one through the top songs of Jackson’s solo career.

But…before we can do that, we need to mention all Michael did for the Jackson Five. We’ve listed his two biggest hits (and the two best Jackson Five songs he sang) in the spot of Honorable Mention. Without these songs or his popularity we have to wonder if Michael Jackson would have transformed into the pop legend he was.

Honorable Mentions: ABC & I Want You Back

While Michael had a great career with his brothers, it was truly his solo career that led him down the path to become the “King of Pop.” Constantly reinventing his song style, Jackson has inspired the likes of Justin Timberlake and other pop stars of today. His video and song premieres were massive launch events, where people gathered around to watch them on fledgling MTV and sat poised, listening to radio stations across the world. Michael Jackson owned the 80s and the world will never forget his contribution to music.

Here are the top ten songs of Michael’s solo career, counting down from awesome to the best of the best.

10. You are Not Alone

9. Rock with You

8. Smooth Criminal

7. Remember the Time

6. The Way You Make Me Feel

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