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BD Review: The Children

The Children Blu-RayMovie Info:
Writer: Tom Shankland, Paul Andrew Williams
Director: Tom Shankland
Cast: Eva Birthistle, Stephen Campbell Moore, Jeremy Sheffield, Rachel Shelley, Hannah Tointon, Raffiella Brooks, Jake Hathaway, William Howes, Eva Sayer
Rating: R
Studio: Lionsgate

Release Info:
DVD Release Date: October 6, 2009
Online Availability: Amazon for $14.99

While teen screams have the potential to be fun, I don’t feel that the teen horror conventions found in the scream movies have to be followed to make a horror movie effective or worth watching. Every once in a while, it is nice to see an intelligent, teen in a horror movie. That’s exactly what you’ll get from The Children.

The thing I enjoyed about The Children is that the story is creepy enough, it isn’t overly conventional, and there is actually quite a bit of character development. Sure, as in any horror movie, some of the characters make stupid choices, and pay the price for it, but I felt that the choices that were made, stupid or not, made sense for each character’s situation. While I found some characters (especially Chloe and Jonah) exceptionally annoying, I realize that was exactly how they were supposed to act, and therefore, am able to deal with the fact that during most of the movie, I wanted to punch them in the face.

The Children is a direct to DVD release through Sam Raimi’s Ghosthouse Underground horror label. Raimi has picked some fairly freaky films for this year’s release, but thus far, The Children is my favorite. The entire question of whether a parent should or could kill their children is a major theme of this film, and it’s presented in a way that many of the other, evil children movies (i.e. Children of the Damned) fail. The performance of the parents was especially realistic, in my opinion.

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BD Review: Misery

Calling all dirty birds. Misery, that awesome Stephen King classic, is now on Blu-Ray. What’s better than seeing James Caan get hobbled in high def? Check out this review to find out how decent the quality of this Blu-Ray is.

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BD Review: Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

While Wrong Turn was kind of good, for a horror movie, it’s sequel, Wrong Turn 2: Dead End left much to be desired. This isn’t horror, it’s just plain horrible.

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BD Review: Child’s Play

Child’s Play is classic 80s horror at it’s best. However, you don’t have to get it on Blu-Ray to enjoy this horror classic. The quality isn’t as amazing as it should be.

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BD Review: Wrong Turn

This is the best of the Wrong Turn movies, but any movie about creepy cannibals is going to be weird. Hillbilly cannibals with Blu-Ray quality could prove to be interesting. Check out our review to find out whether this is good or not.

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Blu Ray Review: Children of the Corn [Blu-Ray]

Children of the Corn is a campy 80s flick that is one of my favs. The Blu-Ray of Children of the Corn is excellent, which is surprising based on the quality of the original film. To find out more, check out this review.

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BD Review: The Haunting in Connecticut

The Haunting in Connecticut isn’t all that scary, but the acting is good and the Blu-Ray quality is decent. If you already know you’ll like this you may want to pick it up.

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BD Review: I Still Know What You Did Last Summer [Blu-ray]

Cheesy horror and funny actors make I Still Know What You Did Last Summer one of those movies you just have to check out. While not technically high quality cinema, this movie has enough redeemable qualities to make you want to pick this up in DVD (as opposed to Blu-Ray). If you already own this, keep what you have. The quality for this movie is better, but not so much as to make it worthy of an upgrade.

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