The following disclosure statement is meant to fill you in on how reviews and product giveaways are handled on LI Reviews. In this statement, it is our main purpose to be upfront and honest about how things are done with reviews and our chosen advertising model.

LI Reviews is a non-corporate blog that is written on by a select group of individuals. If you have any questions about the site, this policy, or one of our writers you should send us your questions through the Contact Form and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

In the following sections we will discuss both reviews and advertising. We feel it is important for people to understand the types of advertising options we have and the types of sponsorships we accept. In order to create a fully functional, successful review website we rely on donations, sponsorships, and advertising, in order to build this website on a full time basis.

More information about both advertising and review options are listed below.

LI Reviews allows for various types of advertising. That being said, we attempt to be as selective as possible about the ads that we accept and the companies that we work with. Our readership always comes first and we consider them before accepting any of the ads on our website. If we find a problem with the services, claims, or products of a business, we will not allow that business to advertise on the LI Reviews website. Despite the fact that we do everything we can to ensure for relationships with quality businesses, LI Reviews is in no way responsible for the content that you find on advertiser’s websites or the experiences that you have when dealing with the businesses advertised on our website.

The majority of the reviews done at LI Reviews are done with products provided to us by the companies that make the products. While we receive these products for free, we do work for the reviews and consider them a form of compensation. We do not work with companies that expect only good reviews because we are honest at all times. We test out the products to the best of our abilities and write about our experiences, interest, and opinions where the product is concerned. We are always 100% honest whether we are reviewing something from a PR agency or that we paid for ourselves.

The opinions and reviews stated within this blog are the sole opinions of the writer that wrote them. What you choose to do with those opinions is completely up to you.

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