If you own a business or web site and you’d like to advertise on Literary Illusions, please Contact Us for further details and information. Literary Illusions is comprised of six sections; Entertainment, Sports, News, Opinion, Reviews and Kids. Literary Illusions is still a young, growing Information Portal with a massive readership despite being relatively new.

Current, monthly numbers for the combined sections are around:

Unique Visitors: 35,000-50,000
Over 50% of Visitors Return Multiple Times
Page Views: 250,000-300,000+
Hits: Over 1.5 Million

This is our current set of statistics. Every month they seem to rise by significant amounts. From December 2007 to January 2008 – Our page view counts doubled just to show how significant our progress has been.

Our current Alexa Ranking: 170,485
Our current Technorati Ranking: 288,411
Our Google PR – LI Reviews – 4 – LI Kids – 3 – LI -4 LI Index – 3

We are accepting the following advertising on our sites.

Sponsored Link – You can have your link prominently displayed in the sidebar of our LI sections. Your link will be placed on the page of every blog post and the main page of the section where you want your link. Depending on where your link might fit choose from placement on LI Reviews, LI Sports, LI News, LI Opinions, LI Entertainment, and LI Kids. To make sure your link is prominent, we will only allow up to 10 links to be placed in the Sponsored Links section on our sidebar.

Super Sponsor Link – Have your link placed on the sidebar of the main Literary Illusions page ( – the index) in a section labeled Sponsored Links. Your link will be displayed on the busiest page of the Literary Illusions website. Nearly all of our traffic passes through this page so everyone who has access to our site will also have access to your link.

Large Rectangle Banner – Up to 5 rotating banners can display at the banner location near the top of each section of LI. You can have your banner placed in the section of your choice…LI Sports, LI Reviews, LI Entertainment, LI Kids, LI News, and LI Opinions. You can also choose to have your banner on the main LI page aka the index ( Banners for the rotator can only be 728 x 90.

Sidebar Banner – Two banners can be placed on each section’s sidebar. You can choose from the main ( index page sidebar, the LI Reviews sidebar, the LI Sports sidebar, the LI Entertainment sidebar, the LI Opinions sidebar, the LI News sidebar, and the LI Kids sidebar. Banners must be 180 pixels in width but they can be anywhere from 180 to 250 pixels in height.

**If you have your links or banners placed in the banner rotator or the sidebar, you will have your links placed on every page for a specific section (this does not include banners/links on the index). For example, a sponsored link in the Sports Section will appear on the main Sports Section index as well as all of the blog posts/articles for the Sports Section.

We can also place ads in individual posts and can personalize your advertising package. Please contact us for other advertising options. All packages can be paid for by the month or by the year. Please contact us for pricing for all of our advertising links and banner options.

**All Payments for Advertising will be paid through Paypal.

Rules: We do not offer advertising to illegal sites, malware, spam sites, pharmaceutical sites and adult sites. However, we do have an adult website, LI by Night, where you can purchase advertising space if you are a site for an 18+ crowd. We also will not allow sites promoting hatred or intolerance to advertise on any of the Literary Illusions websites.

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