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Literary Illusions has been around in one capacity or another since the mid-2000′s. What started as a small, family blog has blossomed into a number of review sites, including the one you are visiting now, LI Reviews. Formed officially in 2006, LI Reviews offers a wide range of product reviews, spanning the gamut from books and other entertainment items to electronics and the occasional fashion review. While plenty of different things are reviewed, all of the reviews on LI Reviews have one thing in common; the writers attempt to offer complete honesty and provide a good look into the product the reader is considering purchasing.

At LI Reviews, we understand how important your money is. That is why we strive to write reviews that will give you insight into all the products that you are interested in or curious about. As this is our main review site, you will find reviews for books, movies, music, electronics, and just about everything else you can imagine that comes our way. On our Kids site you will find similar reviews written for mommies and kids. You can also find more personal notes about us on the kids site, along with recipes and other fun things. If you like video games, we have a gaming site that is of course, dedicated to video games of all kinds.

We formed LI Reviews because we know how important a good review can be to any consumer. We used to spend hundreds of dollars every month on entertainment items. While some of this money was well spent, a pretty portion of it felt like it was going down the drain. We’d been to review sites before, but have found that many of them do not offer reviews for all kinds of products. We wanted to fill a niche that was not being met for us, at least to our knowledge.

In addition to reviews, we strive to offer some great contests, as well. The only thing better than finding out something you want is as good as you hoped it would be is being able to win it! Each week we offer plenty of reviews and contest, and we throw in as much news and commentary in a general sense, as we can, whenever possible. We hope that you find LI Reviews to have everything you’re looking for and more.

If you are looking for information on advertising on LI Reviews you can find it over on our advertising page. PR Professionals and businesses looking to work with us through reviews or giveaways should visit the PR page. If you have any questions or need information concerning the site that you cannot find on the website links, feel free to Contact Us. Someone will be with you to answer your question and help you out as soon as possible.

Most importantly, we hope that you enjoy the site as much as we enjoy building it for you!

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