Ten Moments During the Walking Dead that Made Our Hearts Stop

The Walking Dead has had a crazy three and a half seasons with many heart pounding moments. Here are ten moments that stick out in our mind as being shocking, heart pounding and yes they even made our heart stop, a little bit.

You should note that the following list contains an insane amount of ****SPOILERS****, so if you have not watched the show or you’re stuck somewhere mid-season, then you need to highly consider whether going through this list is worth it!

#10. Rick Kicks Carol out of the Prison/Community


In a zombie filled world, one has to do what they have to do in order to survive and to minimize potential damage to their group. Carol thought that she was doing what she needed to do to protect people. Sure, that meant killing and burning two people that appeared to have a deadly type of virus. She stood behind what she did, even if it did little good, in the end. Whether she was apologetic about her actions or not, it was still shocking to see Rick remove her from the group. He gave her a car and some rations and sent her on her way. Rick is normally so wishy-washy that this seemed like a major departure for him. Like Carol, he thought he was doing the right thing. Whether he was or not still remains to be seen.

#9. Rick cuts off Hershel’s leg

Rick cuts off Hershel's Leg

Up until this point the rule of thumb was that if you’d been bitten by a walker, you’d be a goner. Our hearts stopped when Hershel had a run in and got bit by a walker. We thought it was the end for him, for sure. Rick had other plans though. He cut off his leg and saved his life. Sure, it was touch and go for a bit, but without his quick thinking someone would have been shooting Hershel in the head. This had us holding our breaths the whole time his leg was being removed and afterwards until we knew that he was going to live and not turn.

#8. Glenn gets the flu


Glenn is one of our favorite characters. He’s a fan favorite. The longer the show goes on and the more people die, you get nervous when people end up sick. I found out something happened to Glenn, not by watching the show, but by reading the anguished facebook cry of a friend’s…”GLENNNNNNNNNNN NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!” I believe my response was, “Fuck you.” TWD spoilers on Facebook are not cool, people. I immediately watched the show and calmed down realizing he was not dead. It was a little too close for comfort, though. That was a rough couple of episodes.

#7. Zombie Asskicker?!?


Leave it to the Governor to fuck up a good thing. A war was had. A prison community was destroyed. When the dust settled enough for Rick and Carl to look for little asskicker all they found was a bloody baby carrier. Could a zombie baby be in the works for our favorite group? Rumor has it that one could be on the way. While perhaps not the most shocking on this list, the possibilities here make this worth listing.

#6. Andrea gets bit by Milton

Andrea after being bit says goodbye to Michonne - The Walking Dead

By the time Andrea was finally seeing her last days, we were beginning to like her more than we ever had before. We couldn’t help but think she might manage to get out of there. So, it was sad when she was reunited with Michonne and her friends only to see that Milton got the last bite and Andrea was on her way out, for good.

#5. T-Dog sacrifices himself

T-Dog Sacrifices Himself for Carol

T-Dog might have been a man of few words, but we never questioned his loyalty. It makes sense that he didn’t make it out, but at the same time it was one of the hardest scenes to watch. T-Dog saved Carol and likely would have saved any of the bunch. He was that kind of guy. Even though he was quiet, we’ll miss him.

#4. Carl shoots Lori

Carl crying because he must shoot his mother, Lori

Carl is kind of the whipping boy of the group. He’s a budding sociopath, but sometimes (just occasionally) we see him make better decisions than his father. Lori being pregnant was dangerous to begin with and they were hinting that she might not make it through the pregnancy. Still, when Carl said it was his responsibility to put his mother down and the gun shot was heard, our hearts stopped, if only for a moment. People had a love/hate relationship with Lori, but seeing her put down by her pre-teen was a shocking event for everyone.

#3. Andrea attempts to escape

The Governor captures Andrea

Oh Andrea. Poor Andrea. It’s funny how things work out, isn’t it? In the very beginning she wasn’t so bad, but after Amy died, she progressively got worse and became more annoying. When she got separated from the group and it looked like she was going to be lunch for hundreds of walkers, we weren’t so disappointed. When she began cozying up to The Governor we yelled at the television how stupid she was. In the end though, we started liking Andrea again. We felt a sense of elation when she managed to shake The Governor, leaving him in an area full of walkers. It was almost heartbreaking when she was so close to the prison only to be jumped by The Governor and taken back to Woodbury.

#2. Otis shoots Carl

Carl with the Deer

Rick had just come from the church where he’d asked “God” for a sign, any sign, that he was doing right by the people on his quest to find Sophia. When he spotted a deer in the woods, while searching with Carl and Shane, we thought this might be the sign. The deer let Carl approach it, and we figured the deer was a symbol of hope for Rick. The joy on Carl’s face was apparent. This was the first time Rick had let him tag along…and then…it happened. We heard the shot as it sailed into and through the deer, taking Carl down with it. What a shock! As Rick’s face turned from joy to horror, we knew he had to get Carl out of the woods or he would die. When the gentle giant Otis was to blame, we empathized and were angry with him, all at the same time. How could he shoot Carl, little Carl?!?! Sure, it was an accident, so we forgave him, but why Carl?

Thanks to the shooting incident, Rick was led onto Hershel’s farm. Glenn met Maggie, Carl met Beth, who he clearly has a little crush on, and the group had a place to stay, food to eat, and a solid existence until everything went to hell at the end of Season 2. Maybe Carl getting shot wasn’t so bad, after all.

#1. Merle frees Michonne

Michonne and Merle in the Car - The Walking Dead

While all of the previous moments were shocking, we were floored when Merle set Michonne loose and took on “The Governor” and his Woodbury cronies. After all of the selfish things Merle has done, we finally saw a part of what made Daryl love his older brother so much. The Dixon boys have an odd sense of loyalty and it causes Merle to do the right thing for the first time since we’ve seen him on The Walking Dead. Not only does Merle free Michonne, he goes in, gun and knife blazing, walkers following his blaring radio in the car he stole, and takes out some of the Woodbury guys. If a young boy hadn’t gotten in the way, he would have taken out “The Governor”. For his sacrifice, he took down some of Woodbury’s best fighters, and though he is killed by “The Governor” and turns, causing Daryl to have to kill him again, his sacrifice was not for naught.

In spite of the rough edges and bad behavior, at the core of Merle was a lonely man who felt he didn’t belong. He believed he’d never fit in back at the prison, so he did what he had to do for Daryl and his brother’s new family.

The rest of the fourth season returns in February, 2014.

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