5 Things We Want to See from OITNB in Season 2

Orange is the New Black might have just landed on Netflix, but they are already in the thick of things, shooting season 2 of the hit show. We loved the first 13 episodes of the series and are anxiously awaiting the release of the second season. With such a strong opening, we’re looking forward to lots of good things to come. With that in mind, we decided to list the five things that we hope to see in Season 2.

5. More Time with the Latinas


Right now I am only really able to name you Daya and her mom. I know there is a difference between the hispanic women, but I couldn’t tell you much about them and don’t even know some of their names! I would love to see more individual backstories about them. I feel like Daya is the standout character and the others were there because her ethnic group needs to be represented. I’d love to see that changed in Season 2. If these women are going to be shown, tell us their stories, even if they are characters that are not as big as some of the others!!

4. A Love Interest for Sophia


We know that Sophia loves her wife and son, but I can’t help but feel that her wife is selfish and she doesn’t love who Sophia is now, only the representation of who she used to be (as a man). She treats Sophia like she is lucky to still be in a marriage and she should accept whatever treatment she is subjected to because she brought this on herself. A new love interest wouldn’t treat her this way because this is the only way they have ever known her. It would be great to see her in a happy, prison-healthy relationship.

3. Less Pornstache


I understand the point of a crooked, prick that happens to be one of the officers working in a prison show. I get that. My main problem is with Pablo Schreiber being him. Pornstache is nothing more than a clown. He’s a drug-peddling narcissist wrapped inside a misogynist with women issues. I don’t have a problem with the character so much, but I don’t buy the performance. I don’t believe that Schreiber is this person. I feel like he’s playing. If he cannot bring the character to life then the character serves little point other than to be a glaringly obvious failure of the actor. He’s just disappointing to watch. I find myself hoping, more and more, that scenes with him end as soon as they begin.

2. More Red!


We want to know, for sure, what landed Red in prison! We want to see more of her backstory and what is going to happen to her after the low moment that she suffered towards the end of Season 1. Kate Mulgrew is an amazing actress and was perfect for this role, so we’d love to see her utilized more. We hope she gets the kitchen back as opposed to being send to the SHU, too.

1. The End of Palex and the Rise of Alicky


I will admit that Pipes and Alex have some chemistry. However, I find Piper to be a self-involved drama queen that looks for a relationship out of comfort and convenience for herself and with little regard to her chosen partner. I might be alone in this and I understand. I love seeing Alex and Nicky together. Both actresses are talented, play well off of one another, and have a nice chemistry. I feel similarly about Alex with Pipes on an actress level, though when it comes to the characters I think the only rational “relationship,” prison or otherwise, is with Nicky and Alex. Piper needs to spend some time alone and figure her shit out.

What are you hoping to see come out of Season 2? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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