The Top 25 Best Male Characters on Television

We recently made a list of the Top 25 Best Female Characters on Television today. Originally, we had planned to make that list as a celebration of all of the amazing women characters that are currently on television. However, we soon realized that it’s not fair to leave out the men, because it’s television as a whole that is becoming more dynamic, not just the roles for females.

With that, we offer you the 25 Best Male Characters on Television.

25. Larry Byrd “The Neighbors”


Larry Byrd is by far the strangest and yet most lovable character on television today. He is arrogant, snottily British, and to top it all off he’s a hair-obsessed, busy body. He means well though, or at least he does when he knows what it is to mean well. He can’t help it. He’s an alien, living in a community filled with aliens and one lone human family from New Jersey. Larry soaks up proper human etiquette like a sponge and he loves his human neighbors, even if he finds humans to be wholly inadequate as a species.

24. Marty Kaan “House of Lies”


Business and family often don’t mix, and Marty Kaan often struggles to balance the two. With an unconventional child like Roscoe, who struggles with gender conformity and his sexuality, Marty takes it all in stride. While Marty is kind of a male ho (he’s good at it) he also has the best of intentions when it comes to family. With savvy business skills that keep him at the top of his game and a great team to work with who leads with aplomb, we appreciate him for all that he is.

23. Mike Faber “Homeland”

Mike Faber

In a show where everyone’s motives are continuously questioned, one guy we’re pretty sure is on the up and up is Major Mike Faber. Sure, he was having an affair with his best friend’s wife, but Nick was presumed dead and when he returned, Mike stepped aside. He even apologized to Nick and tried to support his friend’s Congressional run. Faber is the kind of guy who feels compelled to do the right thing, even if it has consequences that affect him personally. We are pretty sure we know what he’ll do if certain things come to light. If Mike Faber stands true to who he is, we’re certain he’ll do the right thing concerning Abu Nazir, no matter the cost.

22. Enoch ‘Nucky’ Thompson “Boardwalk Empire”


We love Nucky in the kind of way we loved Tony Soprano. Sure, we know he is a gangster and orders people to do bad things (or does them himself), but ultimately, he’s a good guy. From the beginning, when we see him help out a woman who is being abused, the conflicting sides of Nucky have been exposed to us. Nucky has a strong love for family. He’s ruthless, charming, and unspeakably smart. He is also loved by the people of Atlantic City and us. Everybody loves Nucky, which is why he made this list in the first place.

21. Dr. Spencer Reid “Criminal Minds”


Spencer Reid is nerdy, intelligent, and sure of himself. He’s also an emotional wreck on occasion and worries that mental illness will hit him as hard as others in his family. He is the BAU genius. At the same time, he is real, honest, vulnerable, and relatable. He’s also pretty sexy. Reid understands what it is like to be an outsider, so he tries to help people on the rare occasions that he can, but he also understands that some are beyond help and that’s why he has to read the clues to catch them.

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