Five 80s Fads We Hope are Never Revived

The 80s were a great time to grow up. Ashtyn and I (Dominick) were both children of the 80s. We spent the majority of the decade aware of what was going on (except for maybe 80-82). Hey, we were little! While there were awesome television shows, movies, and cartoons, there was the best music, and while we had a lot of fun playing with the coolest toys, we also remember some total FAILS that made the 80s an occasionally awkward time to be alive.

Let’s face it, some 80s styles need to die off and never come back. Some 80s fads are so messed up, to revive them would be sacrilege, and also perhaps dangerous to humanity. That’s why were listing the top FIVE 80s FAILS of FADS. These are fads we hope are never revived because they sucked in the 80s. Some of these things we didn’t know the error of our ways until later reflected upon and some fads we just went with because of peer pressure.

Regardless, here’s our list. Don’t see a fad you never want revived? Leave a comment and let us know!

5. Tab Cola: Though Tab was popular in the 60s and 70s, it gained a huge following here in the Midwest in the 1980s. Dominick drank it, but Ashtyn did not. Her next door neighbor did though, and she was addicted. Somewhere, along the way, it was taken off the market because one of it’s main ingredients, sodium saccharin, was linked to rat poison. To be perfectly honest, it was, in fact an animal carcinogen, which particularly affected the rodent population.

As controversy swirled around Tab, it’s parent company, Coca Cola, removed it from certain markets. Diet Coke took over. A few years back, Tab made a reemergence. So, what? Is it new and improved sans rat poison? Apparently not! We’re sure Ash’s neighbor is still trying to drink it…if she’s still alive. Thanks, but no thanks, Coke! We love you as a company, but try to keep your rat carcinogen-laden drinks off the shelves!

Tab Cola

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