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Twin by Allen ShawnENTRY RULES:
Literary Illusions is proud to be giving away two copies of TWIN by Allen Shawn. To enter all you need to do is leave us a comment letting us know what you would do if you woke up tomorrow and were disabled. Please be sure to ONLY LEAVE ONE COMMENT.

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A heartbreaking yet deeply hopeful memoir about life as a twin in the face of autism.

When Allen Shawn and his twin sister, Mary, were two, Mary began exhibiting signs of what would be diagnosed many years later as autism. Understanding Mary and making her life a happy one appeared to be impossible for the Shawns. At the age of eight, with almost no warning, her parents sent Mary to a residential treatment center. She never lived at home again.

Fifty years later, as he probed the sources of his anxieties in Wish I Could Be There, Shawn realized that his fate was inextricably linked to his sister’s, and that their natures were far from being different.

Twin highlights the difficulties American families coping with autism faced in the 1950s. Shawn also examines the secrets and family dramas as his father, William, became editor of The New Yorker. Twin reconstructs a parallel narrative for the two siblings, who experienced such divergent fates yet shared talents and proclivities. Wrenching, honest, understated, and poetic, Twin is at heart about the mystery of being inextricably bonded to someone who can never be truly understood.

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About the author: Dominick

Dominick Evans is in his second year of the BFA Motion Pictures program at Wright State University. When not studying, making films, or writing papers, he is working to better his on campus community as the Director of Disability Affairs for WSU Student Government. Dominick spends any remaining time working as a writer/editor, playing video games, singing, as an activist in the disability and GLBT communities, and enjoying life with his family.


  1. ky2here
    Twitter: ky2here1

    I would probably whine and feel sorry for myself. I hope I’d find the strength that others tap to move forward.

    Here’s my tweet:!/ky2here1/status/36475964112371712

    ky2here at msn dot com

  2. Laura DeLuca
    Twitter: gabbylowe

    i would learn to deal with it and live my life

    FB-Laura DeLuca
    email subscriber

  3. Rachael Ashcraft says:

    Well, I am disabled so I know what I would do already. I used to be a big runner and one day my hip started to hurt. I didn’t have insurance at the time so I couldn’t go to the doctor. I dealt with the pain and tried to ignore it.
    When I was pregnant with my daughter I was in so much pain that I had to use a wheelchair.
    Getting around in a wheelchair is awful. Nothing is wheelchair friendly!
    I am no longer in a wheelchair but I do have to use a cane. Having two small kids and being in constant pain is hard but you manage. You get on with life because what else are you suppose to do??

  4. Shannon Baas says:

    I would try to make the best of it. I have a slight disability so know what it is like.

  5. CORRIE says:

    I would first feel very sorry for myself.. then i would go into a deep depression. and probably pray alot.
    but i would eventaully deal with it.

  6. LOIS PAYTON says:

    Thats kike of what happen to me, I hade Grammia Knife on the brain and it took away the use of my right side. That was the hand I wrote with, I had a great husband and a gtreat Lord and a lot of faith. Ten years later after cancer took my sweetie to I live a lone and have the use of one have and were a leg brace but with Gods help I bake two cake every sunday afternoon for monday morning Bible study. All because of THE GOD LORDS STRONG, GOD BLESS YA’LL

  7. debbie says:

    This happened to me. I was in my twenties, healthy and very active. My leg started buckling. I found out I have hip dysplasia and that I had arthritis like an 80 year old. I can longer do anything I used to do. My son has severe disablities. Because I could no longer teach I stayed home with him. He has made tremendous progress. I am thankful that I could be there for him. You just have to make the best out of any situation.

  8. Anita Yancey says:

    Sounds very interesting, I’d love to read it. Please enter me. Thanks.

    Email Subscriber.

  9. Vicky says:

    Interesting question..if I woke up disabled, I would hope to handle it with dignity after getting over the shock of the immediate change. Having a brother who is disabled, I am well aware I would face many challenges in terms of fighting stereotypes and stares. I would continue to work and continue to do all I am doing now.

  10. AEKZ2 says:

    I’d be angry and/or depressed for a while. But I’d have to pull myself together for my children and show them that I’m capable of living happily.

  11. AEKZ2 says:

    Email subscriber

  12. Renee G says:

    If I woke up tomorrow and was disabled, I would thank God for all the healthy years that I have had, and for the support of my family. Then I would explore all possible avenues to move toward a full recovery.

  13. Susan Smith says:

    I’d be upset and angry for a while I’m sure but I hope I can find a way to make the best of it and look for ways to improve my life.

  14. Diane Baum
    Twitter: natmmom

    Wow-good thinking question-Hope I had the strength to deal with it and move on! I have Lupus and socolosis, which are not limiting by any means and you just live your life with making small accommodations.

  15. Betty C
    Twitter: willitara

    I would probably first be in denial and insistent that it would get better. Then I would make every effort to adjust to the circumstance. As I age I find that nearly every day there is something that is harder to do than the day before.
    I subscribe with Facebook.
    I subscribe with google reader.
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