Holiday Review: Celebriducks

Dr. Frank-N-Furter CelebriDuckRubber duckies are a blast from my past. I remember having one, along with a ton of other bath toys when I was a kid. So, when Celebriducks approached us about a holiday review I was excited in a nostalgic sort of way. Of course, I had no idea what to expect and when I found out, I was even more excited than I thought I would ever be over a rubber duckie. What can I say? Apparently, I am a bigger geek then I thought because these just seemed so fun to me and that was before I even got a look at them.

Visiting the Celebriducks website was an eye-opener. They have every celebrity duckie a person could ever want. These are the cutest, most adorable novelty items that you could offer a friend on Christmas (or for any holiday). If they are a huge fan of someone or something and have plenty of memorabilia you can pick them up a corresponding duckie. Sure, they might have other things, but the chance is pretty high that they don’t have anything like this.

In some respects, reviewing a rubber duckie seems silly. So, to change things up a bit, I am going to let you know our 15 favorite Celebriducks.

15. The Lone Ranger
14. Elvis in his 1956 Gold Lame’ Suit
13. Mr. T
12. Dorothy from Wizard of Oz
11. Scream
10. Shakespeare

Jake Blues from the Blues Brothers Celebriduck

9. Jake Blues from The Blues Brothers
8. Marilyn Monroe
7. Beethoven
6. Wicked Witch of the West
5. The Devil
4. Mother Superior
3. Dr Frank-N-Furter
2. Mr. Green Recycled Green Duck
1. CanardGram Gift Set

It was hard picking a winner, but the CanardGram comes with some of the best tasting chocolate that you can imagine. That being said, it was hard not giving it the top spot. I received the Dr. Frank-n-Furter first and as a huge fan of The Rocky Horror Picture Show I loved it. In fact, I was all ready to write a glowing review. The Canard sealed the deal for sure. If the awesome design wouldn’t have done it, the chocolate certainly would have helped sway me in the right direction.

Prices for the ducks vary slightly based on the design and what, if anything, comes with it. They start at around $12 and the CanardGram set is in the $20 range. For a fun and unique novelty item these duckies cannot be beat.

Mother Superior CelebriDuck

After looking at the available selection I have to admit, I hope they are working on some new designs as there are a couple of ducks I would love to own. Some of the ones that I hope they make so I can add them to my collection include Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers (Halloween), Miss Piggy, Kermit, Edgar Allen Poe, and Barbara Streisand. I am sure there are many others I could think of, but this is a small sample.

I highly recommend checking out Celebriducks if you’re looking for something off the wall this holiday season. They make great presents and the receiver of the gift is definitely not going to be expecting a rubber duckie like this!

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