Holiday Review: iBlink vs iFrogz Ear Pollution Plugz – Earphone Battle

iFrogz Ear Pollution Earbuds Product ImageOne product that we seemed to get in abundance this holiday was earphones. With that in mind we have decided to double up and compare some of the earphones that we received. Two pairs that we got are known as iBlink and iFrogz. It’s worth pointing out that both are pretty decent if you’re looking for something in the inexpensive price range and you’re not looking for anything terribly high quality. They both come with a few positives and negatives, like any product, but overall, depending on your needs both of these earphones would be worth purchasing.

The great thing about these earbuds, in both cases, is that they offer multiple foam pieces for the earbuds to accommodate all ear sizes. I have smaller ears so I have always hated earbuds. I find that the earbuds either fall out or make my ears hurt because the one size doesn’t fit my ears. In both the iBlink and the iFrogz I never had this problem because I was able to switch to the smaller sized buds and save myself the trouble of having them not fit correctly.

Onto more important things. The price for both the iBlink and the iFrogz are reasonable. You should realize when you buy these that you’re not getting top notch ear buds. These are good basic buds but they are not anything exceptional. If you want the highest quality sound these aren’t going to be your choice in either case. However, if you want something moderate that is decent, without being spectacular or you just don’t want to pay big money, these will suit you just fine. The iFrogz can be purchased on Amazon for anywhere between $8 and $14. The iBlink are available for around $13.50. It’s a fair price when you figure that $13 doesn’t get you much anymore, but it doesn’t mean you should run right out and buy these either.

iBlink succeeds because it is gimmicky. The ear buds blink a specific color depending on which you purchase (we got blue for this review) and the colors will blink based on the beat of the music. The reason I say that it’s gimmicky is because the blinking doesn’t really benefit you in any way. In fact, I never noticed it until I lifted up the cord to watch the blinking. Other people might find it amusing, but it serves little purpose to the user of the ear buds. For this reason, I think they will be far more popular with the teenage crowd, as opposed to other groups.

iFrogz are your standard ear buds. The best thing about them is they are more stylish (they come in a variety of colors) than the stock ear buds that come with music players. I commented on how cute they were when I took them out of the package. They are also quite comfortable. Being that they are inexpensive, these are all very positive aspects.

In both cases, the negative is the ultimate level of sound quality. At times both sets of ear buds fail in the sound department in drastic ways. For the iFrogz I found the sound to be low. In fact, after using these first on my mp3 player, I began to think that the mp3 player did not get very loud at all because I turned the sound up high and got little in the way of sound. I could hear the music and it sounded good, but it never seemed to get high enough to provide that stereo-like feel that I prefer. The difference was vast when switching to the iBlink buds. The iBlink buds were much louder, which was good, but the sound quality was basic at best. The bass never managed to please without feeling forced and the louder you made them, the more sound distortion you can notice. If you compare them to the stock ear buds they end up being not much better.

iBlink Earbuds

So, which is better? Based on sound quality the answer would have to be iFrogz. Even with the lower sound, the quality was stronger and provided a better overall sound. If you’re looking for a holiday gift this year and don’t want to spent too much, I would recommend the iFrogz over the iBlink. However, if you have a teen/tween you might want to go with the iBlink. They will like the flashiness, even if they can’t really see it as much to appreciate it.

Winner: iFrogz (However, that isn’t saying a whole lot in terms of stereo quality.)

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