Black Gold Season 2 Premiere Airs August 19

With the economy continuing to struggle, the stakes are higher than ever for roughnecks working the oil rigs in Texas. These guys can’t afford to make any mistakes that might cost them their jobs or, even more importantly, their lives.

This year, the series will focus on three crews of roughnecks of Rig 28, who have a seemingly impossible job. Assembled by oilman Autry Stephens, they have only 50 days to try to save the lease on a very valuable piece of land before it expires. In that time they must drill four, back-breaking holes. In the words of pipe salesman Rooster McConaughey, “It’s never been done before.”

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  1. Jeanell says:

    Can’t believe Wayne, the best driller is not on the show.. I waited all this time to see him and he’s not on any of the shows. Just a bunch of young punks.. So unhappy!!!!
    Where’s Wayne????

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