The Top Ten Hot New Shows of Fall 2009-2010

It’s about that time again. Fall is right around the corner and that means it’s time for the new Fall lineup!

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2009-2010 is looking to be quite promising for Fall and Winter television. There are several new shows set to air that look to be the next big thing.

Here’s our list of the Top Ten New Shows of Fall 2009 (and one Honorable Mention). Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on our list.

Honorable Mention Glee: You are probably wondering why we have an Honorable Mention position and why Glee, which looks to be one of the best new shows of 2009, is in this spot. Since most of us have already seen the pilot for Glee, we have an idea of what to expect. It’s really not a “guess” of a show that should be in the Top Ten. Hence we didn’t put it in the Top Ten. With the premiere absolutely rocking and a fun, young, promising cast led by Matthew Morrison, what’s not to like about Glee? If nothing else, it has Jane Lynch in it, which is a major, major plus.

10. The Middle: We’re not big fans of comedy, but Patricia Heaton’s new comedic vehicle looks rather quirky in that fun sort of way. Besides Heaton, the shining light in the show is her character’s son, Brick (played by Atticus Shaffer). Of course, you can’t discount Frankie’s (Heaton) clueless husband, Mike (Neil Flynn), and her nerdy, somewhat flaky daughter, Sue (Eden Sher). What’s hilarious is that this exact concept tried to happen with Ricki Lake in the leading role back in 2007, but the show sucked and never made it to air. The creators re-vamped, kept Atticus Shaffer on as Brick, put Heaton in the lead, and now it actually looks, and sounds, funny and relatable. We ask for so little in our comedies. By the previews, The Middle seeks to give all that and then some.

9. Day One: It’s hard to discount a show created by Jesse Alexander. Alexander has been a part of the creative team behind Lost, Alias, and Heroes. Add in the fact that the premise sounds interesting and I can see another, hit NBC television series. Day One features Xander Berkeley and Catherine Dent, amongst other ‘survivors’ in this world that has been hit by a global disaster. The Post-Apocalyptic genre is quite popular right now, and it brings back memories of other ‘survivor-based’ shows like Jeremiah and Jericho. Let’s hope that Day One finds its audience early on and doesn’t suffer the same fate as these two, now defunct shows.

8. Parenthood: We liked the 80s movie this show is based upon and we like the cast of this new series. The funny thing is this show happened right after the movie came out. Let’s hope that this modernized, updated version executive produced by Ron Howard (yes, THE Opie himself) lasts longer. Seriously, it’s Ron Howard. This is one of those shows you have to watch, with timeless family struggles that seem to translate well into this world 20 years past the original movie’s setting. Add in a standout cast which includes Maura Tierney, Craig T. Nelson, Bonnie Bedelia, Dax Shepard, Peter Krause, Monica Potter, Mae Whitman, and Marguerite Moreau and you have a recipe for success in this series.

7. Happy Town: When the previews first started airing for Happy Town, we dismissed the show without even seeing them all the way through. This series was going to be another October Road, type of romance drama, right? Well color us wrong. There’s murder, mayhem, and mystery in this perfect little town (for a killing). Besides, it has the adorable, Amy Acker (Dollhouse) in it and Sam Neill, who needs a new gig since they cancelled the excellent Crusoe. We love a good murder mystery (see Harper’s Island) and anticipate this show will be a must-watch when it airs, but wonder if it will have the longevity in its story to last more than one, inevitable season?

6. Trauma: We’re not just looking forward to Trauma because it looks to be a cracked out version of ER on speed. Okay, well maybe that is why we’re interested in watching. ER is over, so it’s time for a new medical drama to take it’s place. We instantly recognized Cliff Curtis from the previews (he’s in the new film, The Last Airbender, too), but the cast is filtered with plenty of other familiar faces including Derek Luke and Anastasia Griffith. While ER was the definitive medical drama, never to be duplicated again, Trauma promises to offer a new look at the medical world as it explores the high action lives of first on scene trauma responders. Old formula + new take = winner in the making.

5. V: We’ve been fans of Elizabeth Mitchell since she starred opposite Angelina Jolie in Gia. Since then, Mitchell has found a welcoming place both in film and on television. She had the chance to get Lost, and now she returns to ABC for a new series where she plays FBI agent, Erica Evans. While ABC is claiming Mitchell is still on Lost (the season finale didn’t look promising for Juliet), this new series thrusts her into lead character status. Mitchell isn’t the sole reason for us wanting to watch V when it premieres in November. We’re actually looking forward to the story, which revolves around the Visitors, high-tech aliens from a foreign planet, who come to help Earth in it’s darkest hour, and perhaps have ulterior motives. At the beginning of the promo for V, it reminded us just a little too much of Independence Day, except these visitors actually seem to want to help, or at least appear as though they want to help. Either way, V looks quite promising.

4. The Forgotten: What happens to people who wind up dead (usually murdered) who go unidentified? Their cases become cold cases and sometimes never go solved. The Forgotten follows a group of investigators who take the time to actually find out who these victims are, so they do not have to become the forgotten. This puts a new spin on shows like Cold Case and Criminal Minds, looking through the victims’ eyes to solve the crime. It also stars Reiko Aylesworth (Michelle from 24) and Rupert Penny-Jones. Great actors, an interesting plot, an intriguing promo – what more could you want from a crime drama?

3. Flash Forward: This has to be one of the very best previews for a new show we’ve seen. The show is good enough to bring Joseph Fiennes to television. While the fact that a Fiennes is on television at all is awesome, the entire story behind the show is what caught our attention. Imagine if you blacked out for two minutes and in that time fast forwarded six months in the future to see where your life was? The shocking truth shows a woman pregnant (one who doesn’t even have a boyfriend six months earlier), one man sees nothing and he assumes he’s dead in six months, and another sees herself with another man who isn’t her husband. As you can imagine this creates all kinds of drama for everyone involved, and plenty of cliffhanging style goodness for all of us viewers wondering why the flash forward happened in the first place.

2. The Good Wife: Julianna Margulies pretty much guaranteed we’d be watching The Good Wife, but Christine Baranski and Josh Charles (who doesn’t love Sports Night?) were the icing on the cake. Marguilies plays the good wife. After her politician husband resigns from office proceeding a sordid affair with several hookers, and ends up going to prison as a result, Alicia Florrick must find a way to put her life back together for herself and her children. She ends up going back to work, at a law office, after 13 years of living as the good wife. With as many political scandals as there have been in past years, this show is bound to be a hit both in our house and in yours.

1. Three Rivers: The show we’re most looking forward to (for a variety of reasons) this fall is Three Rivers. Set in Pittsburgh where the three rivers meet, this show is another medical drama, only this time, it looks at transplant patients and the doctors who decide whether they are going to live or die. As intriguing as this subject is, the acting is what attracted us to this project. This show is going to blow the other medical dramas out of the water. Not only is the subject matter touchy (full of drama), the cast includes Alex O’Loughlin (Moonlight), Katherine Moennig (The L Word), and Julia Ormond. While the other two are certainly major draws to this show, it’s Katherine Moennig who pretty much sealed the deal of making this our most anticipated show of 2009-2010.

8/01/09 – **Correction** It has just been announced that Alfre Woodard will be replacing Julia Ormond on Three Rivers. How awesome is that?!

What do you think of our top ten list? Leave us a comment letting us know the top ten shows you just can’t wait to see air during the Fall 2009-2010 television season.

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  1. Marilouise says:

    Actually Three Rivers is set in Pittsburgh but other than that you are spot on picking it as NO 1

  2. v620785 says:

    Thanks for choosing 3Rivers as #1. Julia Ormond will not be in the series. Her character has been replaced by Alfre Woodard. Alfre is an accomplished award winning actress and she is an added bonus to the cast.

  3. Dominick says:

    We love Alfre Woodard. If she is indeed replacing Julia Ormond, that’s excellent. She is a brilliant actress!

  4. Dominick says:

    Marilouise – Hey thanks so much for the correction. I knew the promo said somewhere in Pennsylvania. I could have swore they said Philly! I fixed that right up. Usually, I check my facts, but I thought I had heard right. Oh well, fixed it. Again, thanks for the correction!

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