LI Reviews Giveaway: Win One of Three Copies of The Cult of Cartman on DVD

The Cult of Cartman DVD Box ArtLiterary Illusions is proud to be giving away three copies of The Cult of Cartman on DVD. To enter all you need to do is leave us a comment. Please be sure to only leave one. Comments are moderated to avoid spam, so it will not show up right away. People who leave multiple comments will be deleted from the contest altogether. If you do not see your comment within a day then by all means leave another one. Otherwise, do not worry as we accept comments several times a day.

To enter you need to be at least 18 years of age and a resident of the US. If you have won a contest within the last 30 days you are not eligible. Winners will be sent an email shortly after the end of the contest. To claim your prize all you will need to do is send us your address in a reply to the congratulation email that you will receive. If we do not receive a reply from you within three weeks, your winnings will be forfeited and your prize will be offered to another contestant.

We will begin emailing winners for this the week of October 15, 2008, which means you have until October 14, 2008 at 11:59 to enter.

From the Press Release:
A two disc set of Eric Cartman’s finest moment. Episodes include “Scott Tenorman Must Die,” “Ginger Kids,” “Cartmanland,” “Up the Down Steroid,” “Super Fun Time,” “Awesom-O,” “Le Petit Tourette,” “The Death of Eric Cartman,” and other hilarious episodes all wrapped up on two DVDs.

DVD Features:
Original DVD Introduction by Eric Cartman
Original Intrductions to Each Episode by Eric Cartman

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207 Responses to “LI Reviews Giveaway: Win One of Three Copies of The Cult of Cartman on DVD”

  1. vanessa hunter says:

    I would need CPR if I won this. I heart Cartman!!

  2. Jennifer Reda says:

    my boyfriend would like this :)

  3. Donna K says:

    Count me in please.

  4. Lily Kwan says:

    Please enter me into the contest. Thanks!

  5. Leo T says:

    I’ve built my life around his teachings… please enter me in his cult…urp I mean, contest

  6. Dominick says:

    We’ve chosen and emailed our winners. Thanks to all for entering!

    Good luck to everyone on future contests.

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