Literary Illusions Contest: Win One of Three Sets of The 8 Films to Die For

DVD Horrofest PackLiterary Illusions is proud to be giving away one of three copies of the 8 Films to Die For on DVD. To enter all you need to do is leave us a comment. Please be sure to only leave one. Comments are moderated to avoid spam, so it will not show up right away. People who leave multiple comments will be deleted from the contest altogether. If you do not see your comment within a day then by all means leave another one. Otherwise, do not worry as we accept comments several times a day.

To enter you need to be 18 years of age and a resident of the US. If you have won a contest within the last 30 days you are not eligible. Winners will be announced here. If we do not hear from you within 3 weeks from the date the winners are announced you forfeit your prize and we will select another winner. Prizes will be shipped within 45 days from the day you win.

The Suggested Retail Value for this set equals $159.

We will begin choosing winners for this the week of April 28, 2008, which means you have until April 27, 2008 at 11:59 to enter.

Following the success of last year’s After Dark Horrorfest, Lionsgate presents a new terrifying collection of DVDs with all eight films from the most recent After Dark Horrorfest 8 Films to Die For event. The DVDs included are Crazy Eights, Nightmare Man, Tooth and Nail, Unearthed, The Deaths of Ian Stone, Mulberry Street and the unrated versions of Lake Dead and Borderland. These films were released in over 300 theaters nationwide that ran throughout the week of November 9-18. Each film was created by today’s hottest and most groundbreaking filmmakers in horror and is considered to be among the most cutting-edge films to have appeared on the big screen. A true celebration of horror at its most wicked; each film will include special features and is available as single DVDs for $19.98 or all together as a DVD Box Set Collection for $159.84 on March 18, 2008.

The films include:

Six people are brought together at the funeral of a childhood friend. While settling the estate, they discover a map, which leads them on a search for a long forgotten time capsule. At the request of their dead friend, they follow the map and what they discover reawakens repressed childhood traumas and leads them on a journey through their long abandoned childhood home…a home with a terrible secret and a mysterious dead girl who will lead them to their strange fates.

“Miss Horrorfest Contest” Webisodes

Traci Lords
Dina Meyer
George Newbern
Gabrielle Anwar
Dan De Luca
Frank Whaley

An Official Selection of the 2006 Los Angeles Shriekfest, Nightmare Man received critical praise during its theatrical run. The film was declared “a demonic brain-bender” (Fangoria Magazine), a “brilliant gem of independent horror…a cross between Evil Dead and a Halloween episode of “The O.C.” (Jane Magazine) and “a solid whirlwind of a horror movie…a winner (Film Threat). After receiving a mysterious mask, Ellen Morris believes she was attacked by an evil being she calls ‘Nightmare Man’. Her husband thinks she’s crazy. On their way to the mental hospital, they have car trouble. While her husband leaves to get help, Ellen is left alone in the car. When ‘Nightmare Man’ appears, Ellen escapes into the woods, unsure whether she is hallucinating or not. She stumbles upon a cabin filled with friends who unknowingly become prey the moment Ellen steps inside.

Audio Commentary with actress Tiffany Shepis, director Rolfe Kanefsky and producer Esther Goodstein
Extended scenes
“Creating a Nightmare” – “making of” featurette
“Flubbing a Nightmare” gag reel
“Tiffany’s behind-the-scenes” featurette
Stills gallery
“Miss Horrorfest Contest” Webisodes

Tiffany Shepis
Blythe Metz
Luciano Szafir
Richard Moll

A small group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world take refuge in an empty hospital with plans on re-building society. They rescue a young girl who is the victim of a brutal attack, but soon discover that they were followed by a savage band of cannibals known as Rovers. The Rovers begin to kill them one by one, and the trapped survivors must find a way to outwit their stalkers.

“Miss Horrorfest Contest” Webisodes

Rachel Miner
Rider Strong
Michael Kelly
Robert Carradine
Vinnie Jones
Michael Madsen
Written, Directed and Edited by Mark Young

From Matthew Leutwyler, the director of Dead and Breakfast, Unearthed tells the story of a vicious creature that’s been trapped for 900 years and gets unearthed during an archeological dig in the middle of a desolate town. As the carnage escalates, the local sheriff and a group of stranded civilians must find a way to destroy the creature that only has one mission – complete annihilation.

“Miss Horrorfest Contest” Webisodes

Emmanuelle Vaugier
Luke Goss
Charles Murphy
Beau Garrett

A paranormal thriller, The Deaths of Ian Stone was produced by four-time Visual Effects and Best Make-up Academy Award® winner Stan Winston. On an otherwise ordinary night, the young Ian Stone encounters a mysterious creature and is forced into the path of an oncoming train. Rather than facing certain death, Ian finds himself reborn into a new life that feels strangely familiar. After his second death, it becomes apparent that Ian is being hunted by an evil presence and will be forced to die every day until he can solve the mystery of his own life.

“Miss Horrorfest Contest” Webisodes

Mike Vogel
Jaime Murray

In this unrated DVD, three beautiful sisters discover they have a long lost grandfather, but only after the news of his grisly death. When they learn about an inheritance, they decide to travel with their friends to their grandfather’s home in the back country. When they arrive, they find their inherited property occupied by a psychotic family that is engaging in a murderous rampage. As the family’s twisted motives unspool, the sisters discover a new level of terror worse than death.

“Miss Horrorfest Contest” Webisodes

Alex Quinn
Kelsey Crane
Tara Gerard
James C. Burns
Dan Woods

Mulberry Street, recipient of overwhelming positive critical response, was an Official Selection of the Sitges International Film Festival, Toronto After Dark Film Festival, Dead by Dawn Film Festival, South by Southwest Film Festival and Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival. The city that never sleeps may shut its eyes for good when a deadly infection turns its residents into savage creatures. There is only hope for a small few, including six recently evicted tenants who must protect their crumbling apartment complex as the city around them is thrown into chaos.

Early Director Sketches
Deleted Scenes
“Behind the Scenes: The Rats” featurette
Visual FX test
Makeup tests
“Miss Horrorfest Contest” Webisodes

Nick Damici
Kim Blair
Ron Brice

Borderland, available on unrated DVD, is a criminal tale of murder and ritual. The story, based on true events, blends the raw fear of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre with the stark reality of In Cold Blood and evokes a world soaked in paranoia, fear, and dread. Declared “a brutally suspenseful crime drama” by Variety and “a dark, disturbing gem” by Cinefantastique Magazine, the film features special effects by award-winning KNB Effects. When three Texas University students travel to a Mexican border town on the eve of their graduation, the last thing they expect to face is an ancient blood cult hell-bent on finding candidates for human sacrifice.

“Rituales de Sangre – The True Story Behind the Cult Murder Investigation” featurette
Audio commentary with director Zev Berman, actor Brian Presley and director of photography Scott Kevan
and producer Lauren Moews
“Inside Zev’s Head: A Filmmaker’s Diary” featurette
“Miss Horrorfest Contest” Webisodes

Brian Presley
Rider Strong
Jake Muxworthy
Sean Astin

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  1. Monalisa C. says:

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    perfect gift to mysels not only one film but a whole set of 8 films to die for. Best of luck to all who enter!!! Many Thanks SW

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    Horror movies are such a hit with my oldest children! They would die for these!

  6. Betty Curran says:

    8 movies – absolutely great!

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    love horror movies, and 8, wow what a contest!

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    Please enter me into your contest

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    My husband and I are big time horror fans. Due to his illness we are always home and usually watching a movie. I would love to surprise him with these movies, thank you for the chance to win!

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    Oh, no! Nightmares for weeks! Save me!

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    What a hair-raising giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

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    this is right up my alley.Please enter me and

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    I Would Love To Win This DVD Set

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    Now a sweep Cool.

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  47. The winners for this contest are:

    Dorothy Rozdilsky
    Pat Matczak
    Melanie Lee :)

    To claim your prize just click the Contact Us button and send us an email with your mailing address. Please be sure to let us know that you won the 8 Movies to Die For, as we have many contests and that will speed up delivery time!

    Congrats on your win!

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