DVD Review: Amityville: Dollhouse goes from Good to Dud

Amityville DollhouseThe story for Amityville: Dollhouse had promise. It wasn’t that the story was bad. It’s that the story became ridiculous about halfway through the film. There were way too many holes in this story, the acting was sub par, and the plot went from something that could have been cool to “WTF” pretty darn quickly.

Release Information:
Amityville: Dollhouse was released in a three pack (three movies on one disc) by Lionsgate Films on October 16, 2007. The other two films in the bunch are Amityville: A New Generation and Amityville: It’s About Time. While none of these were particularly interesting from what I’ve read of the other two reviews, I would have to say Amityville: Dollhouse took the cake for the one that turned stupid the fastest and the one that had one of the dumbest endings.

Amityville: Dollhouse Plot:
Bill Martin (Robin Thomas) and his new wife Claire (Starr Andreeff) have moved in after getting married with Bill’s two children Todd (Allen Cutler) and Jessica (Rachel Duncan) and Claire’s son, Jimmy (Jarrett Lennon). While Bill is divorced, and his ex-wife seems to hate Todd, Claire’s husband died. This is a major reason Jimmy resents Bill, Todd and Jessica. He hates Bill the most and isn’t afraid to show it.

The house that Bill, a contractor, built was on a lot where a house burned down. He used the original fireplace and jazzed it up to make it look modern. After moving in, Claire and Bill find a child’s dollhouse in the garage and they decide to give it to Jessica for her birthday. However, the dollhouse is haunted by spirits. Bill’s clairvoyant sister, Marla (Lenore Kasdorf) and her boyfriend, Tobias (Franc Ross), can sense the evil almost immediately. They begin a paranormal investigation as all these weird things happen around the house and cause harm to the occupants.

Audio & Sound Quality:
The audio quality was fair for this movie. I did have to turn it up to hear what was going on, but once it was close to 40, I could hear it just fine. The sound was transferred to this DVD for Amityville: Dollhouse as Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo Sound. It could be better, but it could be worse. The only available language for Amityville: Dollhouse is English and there are no subtitles so those who are hard of hearing will have to use closed captioning or turn the volume way up. The visual quality was fair, with some visible flaws, crackles in the screen, and an unflattering, full screen image at times. The visual transferred at an aspect ratio of 1.33:1 and trust me it shows.

Bottom Line:
It’s pretty simple. Don’t watch Amityville: Dollhouse. Run from this movie. This movie never should have been made. In fact, no sequels to the Amityville Horror should have been made because all of them stink. If you are a glutton for punishment then please do buy this DVD. You’ll love it. Otherwise, head for the hills…I mean it. You’ll regret it if you watch it, so I’m warning you now. Amityville: Dollhouse is a total flop and it makes the Amityville Collection’s quality drop because of it’s addition to this 3-pack.

Rating: One Star

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