TV Recap: Medium, “Heads Will Roll,” 05/09/2007

Guest Post by: Amanda

This episode was a continuation from the previous two. The writing was much more enjoyable, and it was both playful and intense. I felt this episode was the perfect build-up to the season finale.

Allison jerked awake to find herself in an empty bed. She tried to rouse Joe, who had fallen asleep on the couch. He dreamt he was conversing with his father about his emotions surrounding the hostage situation at work. His father was less than compassionate. He reminded Joe that he had a wonderful family and a good job, and he should not be so upset. Joe was pulled out of this dream world by Allison. She wanted to discuss her own dream. She told Joe that she had just dreamt that the fourth victim in the Phoenix killing spree was her new friend Debra. Her head had been removed and replaced with that of the third victim in the spree.

Joe told her that she needed to relay this information, carefully, to Debra and the Authorities. He told her there was no need to call anyone tonight. This reminded Allison of the cell phone she had thrown into the tub, and she asked Joe if it was okay. He admitted it was useless, but “very clean.” He confessed that he had been texting Melinda, his pregnant coworker and fellow ex-hostage. He told Allison that Melinda had delivered her son, and she was wondering how Joe’s family was handling the fall-out from the crisis.

The next morning Cooper, a personal injury attorney, approached Joe about suing his employer, and he requested to meet him for coffee. Joe reluctantly agreed.

DA Davolis was unnerved about the press regarding the killing spree in Phoenix. He was particularly disturbed by a reporter named P.D. McCall who had named the murderer the Recapitator, as the killer replaced the head of his current victim with that of the one prior.

Later that morning, Debra called, and Allison tried, delicately, to convince her that she maybe the Recapitator’s next target. Debra refused to believe that she was in any danger, and Allison hung up, distressed.

Across town, Joe met with the attorney. Cooper promised millions of dollars from Joe’s employer. Joe questioned whether his employer was a victim, too. He felt guilty that the killer had used his security pass to enter the office. Cooper responded that as a company accepting huge government contracts, Aerodytech should have provided better security than an unmanned security check-point. Joe left the meeting with a lot to consider.

That night, Joe told Allison about his meeting with Cooper. He was intrigued by what Cooper had to say, but he felt disloyal to his company. Allison listened intently, until they fell asleep. In a dream completely devoid of color, she saw a new District Attorney replacing Davolis, and she learned that there would be a fifth murder.

When Allison relayed her dream to Joe, he stated her problem could be solved with simple math. If she could keep Debra alive, then the Recapitator would not have a head for his fifth victim. She could save her friend and the DA’s job. Allison called Detective Scanlon and asked him to put Debra under protection.

Joe met with his boss, Marcus, for lunch. Marcus offered him a significant bonus and his job back. He stated that Joe’s progress with the company psychiatrist was significant, but Joe could have more time off if he needed it. At the end of the conversation, Marcus slyly mentioned that Joe could not return to work until he signed a release of liability for Aerodytech’s insurance company. Joe took the release for his lawyer to review, and he stormed out of the restaurant.

At home, Joe and Allison discussed what to do with Marcus’s liability waiver. Joe begged Allison to dream about their future and tell him what to do. Unfortunately, Allison dreamt of a dead body in a hotel bathtub instead. She soon learned the dream was reality.

On the scene of the crime, Allison discovered that the woman in the tub was the owner of the head she had seen placed on Debra’s body in her dream. DA Davolis and Detective Scanlon begged Allison to meet with Debra, again. They wanted Allison to convince Debra that her life was in danger without betraying her psychic abilities.

Allison went to Debra’s motel room and begged her to leave town. Debra listened to her friend’s concern, but she refused to heed her warning. In desperation, Allison told her that she was a psychic who solved crimes with the District Attorney. Debra asked Allison what clothing she was wearing when she was murdered, and Allison responded bar attire. Debra flippantly stated that if she slept in her bathrobe, she should be fine, and she demanded that Allison leave her room.

That night Allison dreamt she was a contestant on Deal or No Deal. As a psychic, she excelled at the game, and Howie Mandel was impressed with her “luck.” After successfully picking the first six boxes, The Banker alerted Howie that Allison was cheating. Allison looked up into The Banker’s office and learned that The Banker was Debra. Allison awoke, concerned that Debra was more than she seemed.

On her way home from work, Allison got a call from DA Davolis. He wanted her to come back into the office. When she returned, he read her a faxed draft of an article written by P.D. McCall. It exposed Allison’s psychic abilities and her working relationship with the DA’s office. Allison soon learned P.D. McCall was Debra, and she had been used.

Allison confronted Debra about the article, and Debra admitted responsibility. She stated that she did not approve of Davolis, and she was trying to have him removed from office. At that moment, both women received simultaneous phone calls. They learned the fourth victim’s body had been discovered. Debra argued that, clearly, she wasn’t intended to be the fourth victim, and she would run her article. Allison begged her to change her mind, as the story could ruin her life and the lives of those she cared about. Debra would not be swayed.

This plot will conclude, next week, with the Season Finale. Hopefully, it will be as amusing as this episode. Although a shameless plug for the network, I loved the Deal or No Deal dream sequence.

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  1. Juan Lazarte says:

    OMG I just couldn’t see the whole episode, but I was totally sure about that Debra was the worse harpy ever! I feel sorry for Allison, even knowing this never happen XD
    I wanna know what’s on next chapter, and I hope to see Debras’ head recapítated on someone else’s body >:->
    (Or that all ended up fine for everyone).

    Perú rocks!

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